Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thurs 2/22: Mark Hansen's Bodies in Code

Please join the New Media Working Group...
Thursday February 22nd at 2pm in the Rhetoric library (7337 Dwinelle)
to discuss Mark Hansen's book "Bodies in Code: Interfaces with Digital Media"

Feel free to join the conversation without having read the whole book.

Read the Table of Contents and a short excerpt here.

Publisher's Description:
Bodies in Code explores how our bodies experience and adapt to digital environments. Cyberculture theorists tend to overlook biological reality when talking about virtual reality, and Mark B. N. Hansen's book shows what they've been missing. Cyberspace is anchored in the body, he argues, and it's the body--not high-tech computer graphics-- that allows a person to feel like they are really moving through virtual reality. Of course these virtual experiences are also profoundly affecting our very understanding of what it means to live as embodied beings. Hansen draws upon recent work in visual culture, cognitive science, and new media studies, as well as examples of computer graphics, websites, and new media art, to show how our bodies are in some ways already becoming virtual.

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