Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Photos & Video from ParaSite Symposium

Check out these photos by Andrew Moisey from the ParaSite Symposium (Oct 26 2007).

Jennifer Johung, Claudia Salamanca, Dan Perkel, & Ryan Shaw in Panel 3, Distributed Participation: Art, architecture, and the live event.

Jeffrey Skoller asking a question.

Also see this video "To Watch While Holding Your Breath" created by Greg Niemeyer that charts the carbon dioxide emissions in the Nestrick Room throughout the day of the symposium:

Monday, November 19, 2007

November 30th

At 12 noon, interested students may join Jeffrey Skoller's seminar at SF MOMA for a guided tour. Current media exhibitions include Jeff Wall, Olafur Ealiasson, and Douglas Gordon. Please comment here (or email brooke) if you plan to attend. (Remember we're meeting to discuss digital special effects with Kristen Whissel at 4pm that day!)

Fri Nov 30th: SFMOMA & Digital Special Effects

Please join the New Media Working Group on Friday, Nov. 30th for two special events:

1) SFMOMA field trip w/ curators.

2) Discussion of digital special effects with professor Kristen Whissel (Film Studies, UCB)
4-5:15pm, Rhetoric/Film Library, 7337 Dwinelle Hall

We will primarily be discussing an article by Kristen Whissel, "Tales of Upward Mobility: The New Verticality and Digital Special Effects," Film Quarterly 59:4 (Summer 2006), 23-34.

As well as the intro and an article in a special issue of Film Criticism on digital visual effects:

Kristen Whissel, "Digital Visual Effects and Popular Cinema: An Introduction," Film Criticism 32:1 (Fall 2007), 2-4.

Lisa Purse, "Digital Heroes in Contemporary Hollywood: Exertion, Identification, and the Virtual Action Body," Film Criticism 32:1 (Fall 2007), 5-25.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fri Nov 16: Discussion of New Media/ Old Media

Please join the New Media Working Group THIS Friday, Nov. 16th, from 1-2:30pm in the Rhetoric Library (7337 Dwinelle Hall).

We will be discussing two chapters in the anthology New Media, Old Media: A History and Theory Reader edited by Wendy Chun and Thomas Keenan (Routledge, 2005): "Introduction: Did Somebody Say New Media?" by Wendy Chun and the essay "Dis/continuities: Does the Archive Become Metaphorical in Multi-Media Space?" by Wolfgang Ernst. Discussion will be led by John Lurz and Alenda Chang.

Hard copies of the chapters are available in the Rhetoric Library and in Brooke Belisle's mailbox in the Rhetoric/Film Studies office (7408 Dwinelle Hall). A pdf of the reading is also available for download (16MB) here: