Friday, September 21, 2007

Proposed meeting schedule for Fall 2007

How about this line-up draft for the rest of the semester? Included are the topics people seemed to respond to most in our first meeting. Please note that meetings are tentatively scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday evenings, the days that seemed most agreeable to most people. Please chime in via comments or emails to Brooke and Irene (if you haven't already) if there's a day of the week/time that absolutely does not work for you.

Sept 27
Historicizing New Media:
Anne Friedberg, The Virtual Window: From Alberti to Microsoft

Oct 5, 6, or 7
Attend The Builders Association "Continuous City"

Oct 10 or 11
New Media and Performance:
discuss Continuous Cities
(Ryan and Kelley)

October 26th ParaSite New Media Symposium

Nov 1
Games: play some!
(Irene and ?)
Media Archeology:
discuss Wendy Chun's New Media Old Media

Nov 14 or 15
New Media and Film:
Presentation by Professor Kristen Whissel on digital special effects

Nov 28 or 29
Professionalization workshop:
writing syllabi

Dec 12 0r 13
Interactive Art:
OliverGrau's Media Art Histories (2007)


Ryan Shaw said...

A couple of things: from October 10th to 14th I'm going to be in Montreal for 4S, so I can't help lead discussion on the 10th or 11th. Also, I would love to play games, but New Media/Old Media is the thing on this list I'd like to read most, so I'd rather not have to choose between them....

Irene Chien said...

Thanks for the info, Ryan. We can work around you and Kelly's schedule for the Continuous City discussion. And it sounds like New Media/ Old Media might be higher priority than game-playing, so we can discuss w/ the group.

John said...

New Media/Old Media is what I'm also most interested in. (Though games are always fun.) If no one has strong interest in leading the discussion of the Chun, I'd like to do it. I imagine that more than one person could also be responsible for leading?

Natalia said...

(in)appropriate dinosaur comic