Monday, November 19, 2007

Fri Nov 30th: SFMOMA & Digital Special Effects

Please join the New Media Working Group on Friday, Nov. 30th for two special events:

1) SFMOMA field trip w/ curators.

2) Discussion of digital special effects with professor Kristen Whissel (Film Studies, UCB)
4-5:15pm, Rhetoric/Film Library, 7337 Dwinelle Hall

We will primarily be discussing an article by Kristen Whissel, "Tales of Upward Mobility: The New Verticality and Digital Special Effects," Film Quarterly 59:4 (Summer 2006), 23-34.

As well as the intro and an article in a special issue of Film Criticism on digital visual effects:

Kristen Whissel, "Digital Visual Effects and Popular Cinema: An Introduction," Film Criticism 32:1 (Fall 2007), 2-4.

Lisa Purse, "Digital Heroes in Contemporary Hollywood: Exertion, Identification, and the Virtual Action Body," Film Criticism 32:1 (Fall 2007), 5-25.

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Stephanie Gerson | Sequoia Hax said...

what time is the field trip to the MoMA?