Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Lars Jan & Paul Abacus Visit

We had an excellent time hosting artist Lars Jan and collaborator Paul Abacus last week. Thanks to those who came out for Lars' talk last week! Here's Lars' abstract, belated...

Lars Jan, the artistic director of LA’s transmedia art lab Early Morning Opera (EMO) and Paul Abacus, the progressive thinker on national borders and the namesake of ABACUS — slated for 2012’s Sundance Film Festival — will be presenting their thoughts on presentations, the lingua franca of the world today. The pair will also discuss and share video excerpts from their diverse body of performance work, influenced by mega-church media design, aquariums, dance cinema, TED talks, suicide bombing and Japanese traditional puppetry.

EMO has recently received commissions from, and premiered new media-driven performance works at, the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (Troy, NY) and the Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC).

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